General Information

The Missouri Gay Rodeo Association (MGRA) is celebrating 32 years, 1986 - 2018.  We are a 501 (c) (3) corporation who produces The Show-Me State Rodeo each year during Labor Day weekend. We are an affiliated chapter of the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) who sanctions the rodeo. We are an all volunteer organization and any profits we make from the rodeo are given back to our community by donating to our Charity Partner, KC Passages.

The MGRA board of directors is working diligently to produce the Show-Me State Rodeo in 2018.  We invite all contestants and spectators to join us for a great weekend at Emiliano's Ranch and Arena and the Show-Me State Rodeo.

August 31- Sept 2, 2018
Emiliano's Ranch and Arena

Contestant Information

Mail in registrations to this address:

Contestant Registration
PO Box 45073
Kansas City, MO 64171

All IGRA rules and regulations will be adhered to for the Show-Me State Rodeo.

Registration for rodeo weekend will be Friday, Aug 31, 2018 from 6 – 9 PM at the arena.

Due to county ordinance, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE VIEWING AREA OF THE VENUE.  Please be prepared to keep your pets inside your RV or camping area.  Pets will not be allowed to run free in any area of the rodeo grounds. 

Late Registration & Late Fee Policy

Late registrations will be accepted.  Late Fee Policy is in effect.
Contestants who register after the preregistration period has expired shall be assessed a late fee of $50.

A late fee of $50 shall be assessed to all preregistered contestants adding rough stock events after the preregistration period has expired.
This fee applies only to contestants who have been assigned a four (4) digit IGRA contestant number more than thirty (30) days prior to registration date.

Payout for the Show-Me State Rodeo shall follow IGRA guidelines.

New Contestants:

The New Contestant Meeting will be at 8:30 AM, September 1, 2018.
Rodeo begins at 9:00 AM.

Point of Contact:

Garland Rankine, Rodeo Director - Garland@mgra.us
Kim Paige, MGRA President - Kim@mgra.us

PO Box 45073
Kansas City, MO 64171

Running Order of Events:
Calf Roping on Foot
Steer Deco
Mounted Break Away
Team Roping
Grand Entry (Noon)
Ranch Saddle Bronc
Chute Dogging
Pole Bending
Steer Riding
Goat Dressing
Barrel Race
Flag Race
Wild Drag Race
Bull Riding

Stall Fees/Horse Information:

The one free horse stall only applies to Friday through Monday morning of rodeo weekend. Any additional days will require payment to the Lone Wolf Ranch.
$25 per additional horse stall for the weekend
$25 per tack stall for the weekend
$50 late fee for contestants requiring stalls who did not pre-register
Payment due at time of check in, to be collected by Barn Manager:
Charles Hancock, Barn Manager  barnmanager@mgra.us

 Rodeo Grounds & RV Information:

Emiliano's Ranch and Arena














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